the puma that appeared in the night.

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Chocolatl

(synonyms for puma: mountain lion, cougar, panther, cat-a-mountain and catamount.)

how did i get the nickname ‘chocolate puma’?

very simple: i love raw chocolate and i have the face of a puma.
in a past life, i was a chocolate puma that lived in the Ecuadorian rain forest over 15,000 years ago. our main source of food came from breaking open the cacao pods and eating the sweet pulp and bitter beans, along with the occasional banana, papaya and assortment of grub and bugs. this is not my imagination. this is true. chocolate pumas are now extinct but i have come back in human form to teach others about the ways of our spirit, quietness, courage, playfulness and love.

but last night, they decided to come to me. two black pumas appeared in my dream. the room was dark and before my eyes adjusted, all i could see were four green, glowing eyes staring at me. my heart; skipping a beat with fear for the first encounter ever with these magnificent creatures. i wondered if they could sense my moment of fear. of course they could. they are cats of the wild and deepest of darkest nights. i knew they had appeared to show me that i need to face my most inner fears that are hidden deep within my heart in order to break through into the happiness that i deserve and desire.
standing still, i felt the slight breeze of air flowing from its nostril as one glided by me. and then. with the swiftest of glances, her eyes met mine and i was showered with a look of compassion and understanding. love expressed in that moment; the cusp of a new beginning that i was going to embark on in the next day.

signs come to us in many different ways. they are always present and ready to teach us, if only we are open with both our mind and heart. i rarely remember dreams but this one is vividly etched in my mind and i felt the pumas presence with me throughout the day. in those moments where weakness and fear overcame me, i leaned on them for support.

the panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power. it is also a symbol of releasing your passions and starting a new phase of your life. A phase in which you are discovering your desires, and living your dreams. over the past few months, i have been living out my dreams of exploration, love and uncertainty. but, now it is time for me to settle down again and step back into the oneness that i have with myself. to honor the love and courage that i give to my own being and in return, i am able to share that with others. today, i give thanks for my connection with the puma; that i let run free, inside of me.

what animal do you feel a connection with on a daily basis and what did you give thanks for today?


  1. cindy knoke says:

    Is this gorgeous animal a panther???

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