and the arms of the ocean.

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Relationships
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while swimming through the tangled seaweed and under the sand waves of storms, the light glitters down and for a brief moment, i can catch my breath and know that i am alive for another day.

it had been almost two months since my feet felt the sting of the cold pacific ocean. i was scared to return to the salt, the sand and the expansion of the waters. they have always brought my senses to a place of peace and joy. but, before this return, i felt numb and scared to be surrounded in their power. my heart was broken and the last shared space with another was when i had felt an immense love that reached beyond the end of the sea; past the sunset and into the universe of light.

so, i took the plunge and dove into the arms of the ocean.

refreshed and renewed. i was reminded of the happiness i have always captured from inside and that i share with myself. i suddenly felt the tears that were falling down my face, evaporate, and i lifted my hands to the sky and began to laugh in the glory of the sun. this life is beautiful and i am living it in every moment!

when was the last time you were brought back to the present and reminded of the beauty that is constantly falling on you each day?

(these pictures were taken at stinson beach, california during a beautiful sunset and sunrise (last picture). the words that created this post were greatly influenced by the new Florence + the Machine album, which has become the soundtrack to my life in this present moment.)

  1. Jacque says:

    I took a bath today and the water was the perfect temperature. As i was relaxing, i realized how many people on this planet do not have clean or enough water to drink. Sitting in a bath of hot water woke me up today, a gentle but important way.

    Even in the darkest of moments, i have learned that there is always something to be grateful for and awakened to. always.

    • beautiful video to the song. thanks for sharing your experience of being grateful for our supply of fresh, clean water.
      “Even in the darkest of moments, i have learned that there is always something to be grateful for and awakened to. always.” <——–beautiful outlook to keep in mind. xxo

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