CORE Foods – puma approved product review

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Crossfit, Product Rewview, Vegan Diet
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there are many bars on the market that guarantee they will fuel you with the proper amount of nutrients after an intense WOD but a chocolate puma only reaches for one kind and that is a CORE Meal Defender Bar. the founder of CORE Foods, Corey Rennell, developed these bars after he trained with elite athletes, researched the biology of food, and lived intimately with twelve tribes around the world. from his studies, he concluded that the most profound and consistent things we know about nutrition are based on simple organic ingredients that are minimally processed.

i met Corey a couple of years ago and was blown away with his passion and drive to teach everyone about proper nutrition and making a difference in the world. CORE is a certified “B Corporation”, committed to social change and are a not-for-profit company. all of their bars are produced and manufactured in San Francisco, California.

CORE Foods developed two categories of bars. the Defender Nutrition bars (vegan) and Warrior Nutrition bars. it is obvious that my favorite bar is the Defender Raw Cashew Cacao bar! the ingredients are organic whole oats, organic cashews, organic cacao, organic coconut, organic flax and organic spices. the other two flavors, Raw Almond Raisin and Raw Walnut Banana, are equally delicious and they all bring a soft and earthy texture with a touch of sweetness and crunch to your palette.

i have had the amazing opportunity to be a “brand ambassador” for their products over the past year by helping introduce them to the CrossFit community and throughout the raw & organic food industry. CORE bars have been fueling me non-stop over the past six months!

during my two weeks of travel this summer through Ecuador, i lived off of the Defender Raw Walnut Banana bar and the Defender Raw Cashew Cacao bars. since then, i have been eating one of the Defender bars for breakfast every day after an intense strength training session or WOD. the Defender bars have helped me slim down, tone up and gain more muscle mass along with keeping me fueled all the way until lunch. i have never been able to find a bar that was able to satisfy me for 3-4 hours, along with providing the proper nutrition and not raising my blood sugar. everyone should stock their fridge with the Core bars and always bring them with you when traveling so you don’t get stuck eating food that is not organically healthy for your body, mind and soul!

i highly recommend you try out a CORE Foods bar to fully experience the uniquely delicious taste and benefits it will add to your daily life! you can find CORE Foods at many of the NorCal and SoCal Whole Foods Markets along with other natural food stores. you can also order through their website at and use the code “Heidi” to receive $5 off your case of CORE bars!


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