giving thanks in & out of the box.

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Crossfit, Uncategorized
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over the past week, i have been in deep gratitude for the crossfit community that i am a part of through TJ’s Gym and beyond. the day of “giving thanks” that was celebrated brought me to a deeper understanding of the integral parts that we all play in each others lives.

representing team WOD Gear at TJ's GAMES 2011

when i step into our box each morning, i am stepping into another “room” in my home (that i carry in my heart). each day, it is filled with familiar faces, contagious laughter and sweat and tears. i am so proud of every single person that challenges themselves each day, inside and outside the box of life.
my evening ended in an ecstatic version of “giving thanks” when i discovered that my blog post “passion & defeat” was featured on the CrossFit Affiliate page for that day! i was overflowing with happiness and gratitude that my words were going to reach many more people within the Crossfit community and beyond. (below is a caption from the website. much gratitude to Lisbeth for choosing my post to share with others. you can read more about her at CrossfitLisbeth.)

“The Best of the Best”: a look at the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff trainers, from the CrossFit Journal.

“Sports Psychology for CrossFit: Focus Strategies, Parts 3 and 4” from Fletcher Fitness.

“Passion and Defeat” from the Chocolate Puma.

on another wave of thanks, i would like to share a video that was created by one of my fellow teammates that captures the essence of the community and people i have grown to know and love over the past two years.

there is so much to be thankful for each day of our life! make sure you set aside time each day to bliss out in gratitude for all that you have been given and all that you offer to the world.


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