nomination of superfoods.

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Crossfit, Paleo Diet, superfoods, Vegan Diet

i recently wrote an article about my top 5 favorite superfoods that was featured on Breaking Muscle. (you can read the original post here.) i am overwhelmed by the praise and support of my article! this is my first piece of writing that i have ever submitted beyond my blog. i am really excited to explore this area of expressing my knowledge of fitness and nutrition and plan to write more throughout the year!

#1 superfood is the theobroma cacao pod

since my article was released, i was notified that Breaking Muscle chose my blog to be entered into their first ever “Top 10 Fitness Blog” awards! in order to be nominated in the “Top 10” spot, i will need your help! i am asking all of you reading this to take a few minutes and comment on the Breaking Muscle post here and in the comment section on their page please post a link to my blog “the chocolate puma” and a brief statement as to why i’m so cool. (their words, not mine!) this contest runs from Febuary 1-28!

for those of you that vote for me, you will be entered into an exclusive give-away to win Chocolatl Puma Bites! thanks for the continued support and i look forward to connecting and sharing more of my journey in 2012!


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