rock on up.

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Relationships, Uncategorized

a couple weeks ago i posted a “chocolate puma rant” on my facebook page that received over 50 likes! that is the most “likes” i have ever received on a post or photo and it made me feel good that it reached that many people and that they all resonated with my thoughts and feelings. i decided to share it on my blog, in hopes that it will reach more people. it might not make that big of a splash or get me new fans on my blog but at lest i am putting myself out there and that is one step to overcoming fear.

chocolate puma rant: trying to find compassion and understanding for those who condemn others for their sexuality. I am a proud and out lesbian but it does not define me. I am a human being with a soul and heart that loves beyond the capacity of race, sex or religion. my sexuality does not define me and no one should be judged for their personal choices of who they love. sending out support and encouragement to everyone who may be in a place of sadness or confusion. there is support and love in this world and let’s all keep sharing it with each other to bring more peace each day of our lives. namaste.

the picture above is a small version of stacking rocks. i saw this on a walk a few weeks ago in the hills of Fairfax and i thought it appropriate for this post. rocks are solid and are often refereed to in a negative way. there are certain sayings, such as “sticks and stones may break my bones” and then the physical destruction of throwing rocks or them crumbling from natural disasters. but, to me, this picture depicts a growth of rocks. with the right care and love, we can grow anything good out of something that is thought to be bad or dangerous. you can do the same thing with your words, actions, thoughts and feelings. i strive to do this each day and i hope that you can find a connection in the same way.

we are all part of the revolution. jump in and let your light shine!


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