wait for the tides to unbind.

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Relationships

i like to write. and i also write poems. i gather inspiration and courage from my favorite authors, musicians, writers and artists for baring their soul and crossing the lines of transparency and feelings. they show true vulnerability. and without vulnerability, how else will we evolve with one another? so. i am sharing some more of my vulnerable side and encourage you to take a leap today and shed your armor and express your true light.

point reyes beach.

wait for the tides to unbind

my subconscious is haunted by your Presence.
through the door, each night.
you push Me away.


by the thread of lasting emotion,
flowing each day to the sea.
I awake, and your Spirit still whispers.
and you push Me away.


I wait for the tides to unbind
and set Me free from your spell.
the unraveling of the giving heart.
crushed by Love.
transformed to Pain.


in sleep, I push you away to leave My Soul.



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