i haven’t written about crossfit/strength training for a few months. so, i thought i would give an update about my training! you may be asking, “what exactly are you training for?”. well, i am training to stay in shape and continue to provide my body with a healthy outlet to enhance my physical and mental growth. but, the past few months have challenged my training with chronic pain in my right neck/shoulder area and i knew there had to be some form of therapy that would help release this pain for good!
enter: neurokinetic therapy (NKT).

NKT addresses the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. basically, it is a combination of deep massage and muscle testing. during the process of massaging, you are able to fire the nerves and open up a pathway to receive new information from the brain. there is about a 30-60 second window where your brain will receive this new information. our brains are amazing! at the end of my first session, the low-level headache, along with sharp pains in my neck, were gone!! i let out a big sigh of relief 🙂  but, then i was told that i had to take a WHOLE week off from lifting/moving anything that would activate those nerves and muscles in the wrong way. so, this led me to become more creative with my workouts this week, since all i can do is lower body weight/movements.

here is what i came up with to add weight to my already stellar perfect squat: the kettle bell box squat!
what you need: two boxes, a belt/rope, kettle bell and weight lifting shoes (if you are serious about lifting weight and don’t own a pair, i don’t think we can be friends.) i started with the 18#/10 reps, then 26#/10 reps, and 35#/8 reps (2x) this was for part of my strength training session. (see pics below.) this lift helps improve your balance, strength and form.


35# kb squat. smile included with each rep.

hlgkb side

look at that 90 degree angle squat?! i keep me hands in a front squat position to help with balance.

to learn more about NKT, check out their website and this video! stay healthy and fit and always listen to your body talk! 🙂

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