who is the chocolate puma

i recently graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am now a certified holistic health coach! i am continuing with my education at IIN through their Immersion program in 2013 and setting up my own health coaching business.

i feel the most connected to earth when i am immersed in nature; whether at the ocean or in the wood at my sit spot. i have discovered a passion for tracking and nature connection and i am beginning to develop these skills. i make time to breathe in all that mother nature has to teach me and give thanks. 

i strive to teach others about the importance of eating a healthy,  organic diet and incorporating fitness into their everyday life. I believe in the power of walking a conscious path in order to enhance spiritual and emotional growth. and i never go a day without enjoying raw chocolate!

thanks for following my blog!

in maitri.

heidi l. george

my nickname “chocolate puma” was given to me by an ex-partner and now best friend (who took this picture as well!) one day she exclaimed that my face looked like a puma, as i was devouring some raw chocolate, and i was born again! 😉

Training and Education:

Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Communications, Minor in Music Industry & Public Relations, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio (2005)

CrossFit Certification, Level One Trainer, TJ’s Gym CrossFit, Novato, CA (2010)

The Healing Hearts Project,  Secretary, Board of Directors 2010-Present

Abounding River Workshop, Cafe Gratitude with Matthew and Terces Engelhart (2011)

Kindred Spirit Workshop, Cafe Gratitude with Matthew and Terces Engelhart (2011)

Certified Health Coach, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City (2012)

Catscapes Tracking Series, Summer/Fall 2012

Tracking and Nature Connection Fall 2012

Nurturing Relationships with Sobonfu Some Weaving Earth, Spring 2013

Tracking and Nature Connection+ Spring 2013

Buckeye Gathering Spring 2013

Sales Representative/Brand Ambassador:

Kaia Foods, Sales/Marketing Representative 2009-2011

Chocolatl, Brand Ambassador/Sales 2010-2012

Zukay Life Foods, Brand Ambassador/Demo specialist 2011

CORE Foods, Brand Ambassador 2011

Eatpastry, Brand Ambassador/Demo specialist 2011

Pangea, Brand Ambassador/Demo specialist 2011

Rise Bar, NorCal Sales Manager 2012-current


Guest Contributor on Breaking Muscle.

Top 5 Superfoods You Should Be Eating

What’s the Best Diet? Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Paleo?

The Real Reasons Your Guts Need Fermented Foods

My Top 5 Protein Bars that are Good for You and the Planet

Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2012

Medicinal Mushrooms: The Ancient Superfood

9 Articles to Heal and Restore Your Gut

Who’s Talking about Who:

Chocolatl Empower Bar & Puma Bites review

The Goodonya Bar guest blog


these are the cacao pods i saw for the first time in my life! Misahualli, Ecuador, July 2011.

  1. This is great! love you chocolate Puma, thank you for your presence, you are such a light!


  2. Love your message! what kind of chocolate do you eat?

  3. David says:

    Thank you for the follow. I hope I will write something you will find interesting. Comments & thoughts always welcomed. Take Care.

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