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chaga, cordyceps, cacao paste tea!

over the past few months i have been experimenting with medicinal mushrooms outside of just eating them in chocolate 🙂 they harvest a never ending amount of health benefits. you can read more about my favorite mushrooms on the recent article i wrote, “Medicinal Mushrooms: The Ancient Superfood” for Breaking Muscle by clicking here. keeping this post short and sweet, here is a recipe for a simple mushroom tea that i have been drinking at night to warm my body and nourish my soul.

magic mushroom tea

*boil a cup of hot water and then add:
1 tsp Mountain Rose herbs chaga mushroom powder
1 tsp Mountain Rose herbs cordyceps mushroom powder
1 tsp of Divine Organics cacao power or a small chunk of cacao paste
dollop of cream or milk (i use Strauss organic heavy cream but you can substitute with coconut milk or almond milk)
couple drops of Sweet leaf stevia
*let the mushroom blend brew for at least five minutes before you add the cream. then stir and enjoy!*


about to drop in the raw cacao paste that brings it all to life!

after the past four years of cleansing my palette of artificial flavors, to me this recipe tastes like hot cocoa!! it is perfect to enjoy while reading on the couch with sweet kitties or share with a friend! thanks for reading and share your experience with medicinal mushrooms!


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check out my recent article i wrote for Breaking Muscle!


empowered by the cacao. part 3.

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Cacao, Growth, Nature

you could say i am on my way to a full sleeve tattoo! i have no idea what the future will hold for my continued fascination with ink but i do love my tattoos and the part of my soul they allow me to express.

amazing colours.

i recently had an older lesbian-Jewish-New Yorker ask me: why do you have tattoos? why are you stretching you ears and have piercings all over? why do you have dreadlocks?…..
in that moment, i felt put on the spot, as i gazed out at the setting sun on the pacific ocean.
then, i responded:
i have a deep-rooted connection to my ancestors from Central/South America and Africa. the people of these tribes chose to decorate themselves with piercings and tattoos; hold ceremonies and offerings to their gods and give thanks with their expression through art, song, and dance. i don’t know how i am connected through my linage of ancestors besides that i just intuitively feel it deep inside. therefore, i just know. my tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks are also a way for me to share a part of myself with others if they desire to learn more.
these are all certainly “attention-getters”, but, instead of letting others stare in fear with question, i choose to take that fear and allow them to feel safe with their curiosity and ask questions.
then, i tell my story.

we all have a story to tell and i thank you for tapping into your curiosity and listening to mine.

below are pictures that show the additional work i had done a couple weeks ago in bringing new life to my cacao pods. as i enter a new transition in my life and being on the dawn of 2013, i felt they needed some foliage and flare with the beautiful leaf and branch work. i offer much gratitude and appreciation to my incredible tattoo artist, Micah Riot. the connection that we have is what brought our creation to life!

total connection. full circle.

i love how there are even bite marks from bugs!

In Lak’ech Ala K’in = I am you, and you are me.
In Mayan tradition, there is a greeting that many people working with Mayan wisdom know of. It is the law of In Lak’ech Ala K’in, which means I am another yourself (A modern day interpretation). It also means I am you, and you are me (A traditional Mayan interpretation). We have come to understand that this Mayan greeting is an honoring for each other. It is a statement of unity and oneness.

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in less than a week, i will be competing for the 3rd year in a row at TJ’s Games and i have been preparing for months to dominate the scaled division!
ha. totally joking.

don’t let that barbell fool you! i am strong! this is the top position of a thruster in which i have some over-extension i need to be careful of but look how good that “head is through the window.” so to speak.

in all reality, i am in fact competing. (if all goes to plan and my cold subsides and the inflammation in my neck goes on vacation.)
but, i honestly have not been preparing for months by following a strict paleo diet, workout plan, getting adequate sleep and visualizing each move to bring me closer to the prize. basically. i live this life to my highest ability each day. we are always in training for something and i want to have the healthiest, strongest and most sustainable body as possible because who knows when the beginning of the end of the world will begin (or has it already?)!

i do hold myself accountable to many parts of my life. i follow the paleo diet about 90% of the time (did you really think i would give up peanut butter for the rest of my life?) i work with a 6-8 week cycle of strength training and only focus on certain movements/lifts during that time frame. i get roughly 7 hours of sleep each night and i make sure to meditate at least 30 minutes before jumping into bed with Pema Chodron and Emily Dickinson (my cat pillow. yes, it does get crowded at times). and, when it comes to recovery after a workout, i make sure to always have a proper combination of protein and carbs in the form of REAL FOOD.

for the past two months, i have diligently been downing my green smoothie after my wod at the gym and everyone will ask me, “what is in that thing?” i find it interesting that people refer to it as a “thing”. as if a green liquid could not possibly taste good. but, my smoothie tastes so good that i would take a bath in it if i could. that is why i am sharing my secret recipe and you need to make it yourself.

vegan protein smoothie. ready to chug and refuel with real food.

here is the basic recipe on my super nutrient-protein dense vegan smoothie that i chug down each morning in my re-usable cream jar! (it tastes like vegan chocolate milk!)

2 frozen organic bananas
2 tsp Vitamineral Greens
1 1/2 scoops of Nutiva hemp protein powder (use the scoop that comes in the container when you buy it.)
1 Tbsp raw organic cacao powder
4 organic ice cubes
1 cup organic water (add more for a thinner texture.)
*blend in a vitamix or whatever kind of blender you have that can handle all the rawkin’ organic ingredients and enjoy!

stay tuned in the next couple weeks for a recap of the Games that will take place on October 28th at the Marin Civic Center! if you are in the area, come check it out and see over 100 TJ’s gym members in action and doing what we love!

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this past labor day weekend, i had the pleasure to dog-sit for one of my fellow crossfit teammates up in the hills of Mill Valley. i love spending time at their home because i am always inspired to create unique dishes in their spacious kitchen, which is pimped out with cast iron skillets in every size imaginable, a huge gas oven-stove and an alkaline water filter connected to the sink! this is a food-lover and conscious hippie’s dream come true!

my most favorite cacao bean is from the jungles of Ecuador. Ojio Ultimate Superfoods is a great company to support when purchasing raw cacao.

the past few weeks, i have been seeking out other ways to indulge in my obsession and connection to the cacao bean. i reintroduced raw cacao powder to my morning smoothies, i also started making my own raw chocolate sauce and sometimes i mix a spoonful of cacao powder with organic peanut butter to break all the rules! then, inspiration struck in the kitchen this weekend and i decided to use cacao powder as a more savory addition and created the most amazing and delicious version of sweet potato fries! follow the recipe below and enjoy them as a meal or side to any entree!

sweet potatoes, raw organic cacao, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and salt. (coconut oil not pictured.)

sweet potato cacao fries

2 organic sweet potatoes
2 Tbsp of raw organic Ecuadorian cacao powder
1 tsp organic ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp organic cayenne pepper
1 tsp Himalayan sea salt
2 Tbsp organic coconut oil

these fries are ready to devour!

turn over to 400 degrees. slice the yams into thick french fry style pieces. melt the organic coconut oil on the baking sheet by putting it in the oven while it is warming up. then, in a bowl, mix the melted organic coconut oil, yam fries, cacao powder, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper until they are all coated. immediately lay the pieces out onto the already coated baking sheet and sprinkle them with sea salt. bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. you can also turn the broiler on for the last few minutes to acquire an extra crisp to your fries!

2 fried organic eggs from backyard chickens, sauteed kale from garden, fresh tomato, avocado and a side of sweet potato cacao fries!