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green and purple cabbage soon to be raw sauerkraut.

green and purple cabbage soon to be raw sauerkraut.

wow! the past couple months have totally been flying by and 2013 is turning out to be pretty awesome! i moved into a wonderful place that is enriched with so much nature. i wake up every morning with the birds singing their morning songs, the gobbles of the wild turkeys on the hill (and sometimes by my front door!) and the smell of the redwood trees right outside my balcony. i live in bliss everyday and the amount of gratefulness that i feel for my life is increasing each day! 🙂

last week, i finally took some time to make my simple and delicious homemade raw sauerkraut. my “rockin kraut” takes about 30 minutes to chop, prep, pound down, and cram it all in a big mason jar! then you have to wait about 2-3 weeks for it to ferment and then you can finally enjoy it all! the amount of probiotics, enzymes, anticarcinogenic and vitamins that are created from this simple kraut are worth more than it’s weight in gold!


1 head of green cabbage
1 small head of purple cabbage
2-4 Tbsp Himalayan sea salt, ground
32oz Mason Jar with lid
a cooking sheet or big steel bowl

-peel of the first few layers and cut off the bottom knob and save these. then, slice the cabbage heads into long, thin slices, about 1/4in wide.
-lay it all out on the cooking pan, sheet or in the bowl.
-sprinkle in the salt. now, the amount of salt will depend on how big your cabbage heads were, so, just do your best. the salt is crucial as it will pull out the water that is store in the crunchy raw cabbage as you beat it down.
-take your Mason jar and start to pound the cabbage all over the tray. sounds crazy, i know!
-after about 5 minutes of this, you will noticed that it is wet and the water is being extracted from the salt!
-keep pounding until you can pick up a handful and squeeze and watch the juice just flow all over your hands.
-now, you are ready to put in the jar!
-cram the cabbage into the jar and keep adding more and more so the juices start to flow over the top of jar.
-then, take the layers of cabbage you were suppose to save and lay them on top and then cram the cabbage knob down and keep pushing for more juice to come out.
-then seal the lid on the jar and store in a dark, cool place in your kitchen.
-after about 2-3 weeks, check on it. you can take the lid off and see if it is done. you will know by the fermented/vinager smell that will be expelled. eat, crunch and enjoy!

i have concluded that this is always a learning process and sometimes it doesn’t come out very crunchy and other times it is perfect. that is what makes it fun! you never know what you will get but either way it will still be packed with amazing nutrition for your gut!

to read a more in depth piece about fermented foods, be sure to check out the article i wrote, “The Real Reason Your Gut Needs Fermented Foods”, for Breaking Muscle here.



My recent article from Breaking Muscle. Enjoy!

Understanding the Healing Modalities of ART and NKT | Breaking Muscle.

you can also read a more personal view on it from my blog post kettle bell box squat.

i haven’t written about crossfit/strength training for a few months. so, i thought i would give an update about my training! you may be asking, “what exactly are you training for?”. well, i am training to stay in shape and continue to provide my body with a healthy outlet to enhance my physical and mental growth. but, the past few months have challenged my training with chronic pain in my right neck/shoulder area and i knew there had to be some form of therapy that would help release this pain for good!
enter: neurokinetic therapy (NKT).

NKT addresses the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. basically, it is a combination of deep massage and muscle testing. during the process of massaging, you are able to fire the nerves and open up a pathway to receive new information from the brain. there is about a 30-60 second window where your brain will receive this new information. our brains are amazing! at the end of my first session, the low-level headache, along with sharp pains in my neck, were gone!! i let out a big sigh of relief 🙂  but, then i was told that i had to take a WHOLE week off from lifting/moving anything that would activate those nerves and muscles in the wrong way. so, this led me to become more creative with my workouts this week, since all i can do is lower body weight/movements.

here is what i came up with to add weight to my already stellar perfect squat: the kettle bell box squat!
what you need: two boxes, a belt/rope, kettle bell and weight lifting shoes (if you are serious about lifting weight and don’t own a pair, i don’t think we can be friends.) i started with the 18#/10 reps, then 26#/10 reps, and 35#/8 reps (2x) this was for part of my strength training session. (see pics below.) this lift helps improve your balance, strength and form.


35# kb squat. smile included with each rep.

hlgkb side

look at that 90 degree angle squat?! i keep me hands in a front squat position to help with balance.

to learn more about NKT, check out their website and this video! stay healthy and fit and always listen to your body talk! 🙂