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my recent article on Breaking Muscle is a review on Lulu’s Chocolates! eat up! 🙂

Product Review: Lulu’s Chocolate | Breaking Muscle.


this past labor day weekend, i had the pleasure to dog-sit for one of my fellow crossfit teammates up in the hills of Mill Valley. i love spending time at their home because i am always inspired to create unique dishes in their spacious kitchen, which is pimped out with cast iron skillets in every size imaginable, a huge gas oven-stove and an alkaline water filter connected to the sink! this is a food-lover and conscious hippie’s dream come true!

my most favorite cacao bean is from the jungles of Ecuador. Ojio Ultimate Superfoods is a great company to support when purchasing raw cacao.

the past few weeks, i have been seeking out other ways to indulge in my obsession and connection to the cacao bean. i reintroduced raw cacao powder to my morning smoothies, i also started making my own raw chocolate sauce and sometimes i mix a spoonful of cacao powder with organic peanut butter to break all the rules! then, inspiration struck in the kitchen this weekend and i decided to use cacao powder as a more savory addition and created the most amazing and delicious version of sweet potato fries! follow the recipe below and enjoy them as a meal or side to any entree!

sweet potatoes, raw organic cacao, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and salt. (coconut oil not pictured.)

sweet potato cacao fries

2 organic sweet potatoes
2 Tbsp of raw organic Ecuadorian cacao powder
1 tsp organic ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp organic cayenne pepper
1 tsp Himalayan sea salt
2 Tbsp organic coconut oil

these fries are ready to devour!

turn over to 400 degrees. slice the yams into thick french fry style pieces. melt the organic coconut oil on the baking sheet by putting it in the oven while it is warming up. then, in a bowl, mix the melted organic coconut oil, yam fries, cacao powder, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper until they are all coated. immediately lay the pieces out onto the already coated baking sheet and sprinkle them with sea salt. bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. you can also turn the broiler on for the last few minutes to acquire an extra crisp to your fries!

2 fried organic eggs from backyard chickens, sauteed kale from garden, fresh tomato, avocado and a side of sweet potato cacao fries!

there are many bars on the market that guarantee they will fuel you with the proper amount of nutrients after an intense WOD but a chocolate puma only reaches for one kind and that is a CORE Meal Defender Bar. the founder of CORE Foods, Corey Rennell, developed these bars after he trained with elite athletes, researched the biology of food, and lived intimately with twelve tribes around the world. from his studies, he concluded that the most profound and consistent things we know about nutrition are based on simple organic ingredients that are minimally processed.

i met Corey a couple of years ago and was blown away with his passion and drive to teach everyone about proper nutrition and making a difference in the world. CORE is a certified “B Corporation”, committed to social change and are a not-for-profit company. all of their bars are produced and manufactured in San Francisco, California.

CORE Foods developed two categories of bars. the Defender Nutrition bars (vegan) and Warrior Nutrition bars. it is obvious that my favorite bar is the Defender Raw Cashew Cacao bar! the ingredients are organic whole oats, organic cashews, organic cacao, organic coconut, organic flax and organic spices. the other two flavors, Raw Almond Raisin and Raw Walnut Banana, are equally delicious and they all bring a soft and earthy texture with a touch of sweetness and crunch to your palette.

i have had the amazing opportunity to be a “brand ambassador” for their products over the past year by helping introduce them to the CrossFit community and throughout the raw & organic food industry. CORE bars have been fueling me non-stop over the past six months!

during my two weeks of travel this summer through Ecuador, i lived off of the Defender Raw Walnut Banana bar and the Defender Raw Cashew Cacao bars. since then, i have been eating one of the Defender bars for breakfast every day after an intense strength training session or WOD. the Defender bars have helped me slim down, tone up and gain more muscle mass along with keeping me fueled all the way until lunch. i have never been able to find a bar that was able to satisfy me for 3-4 hours, along with providing the proper nutrition and not raising my blood sugar. everyone should stock their fridge with the Core bars and always bring them with you when traveling so you don’t get stuck eating food that is not organically healthy for your body, mind and soul!

i highly recommend you try out a CORE Foods bar to fully experience the uniquely delicious taste and benefits it will add to your daily life! you can find CORE Foods at many of the NorCal and SoCal Whole Foods Markets along with other natural food stores. you can also order through their website at and use the code “Heidi” to receive $5 off your case of CORE bars!

five years ago there came a pivotal moment in my life. i came out to my friends, family and parents by telling them that i was a girl, who, in fact, liked other girls. it wasn’t a big deal back then and now it is just dust on the dress (that is still kept in the closet.)

but, this time around, i am coming out of the fridge as a vegan, who, in fact, likes meat.

yes. you read that correctly: i eat meat.
flesh. dead animal. carcass. chicken menstruation. cooked. raw. blood. guts. bone. heart & liver.
i eat it all. and i feel AMAZING.

those of you who have known me my whole life or over the past five years, know that i have been a devoted vegetarian for 13 years and a strict vegan for two years. and then one day, i just snapped. actually, i pounced (like any chocolate puma would do) onto the free range, grass-fed, local, organic buffalo burger that was ordered by my then girlfriend. this was six months ago. and i have never looked back.

i have been slowly coming out to people over the past six months and now i am ready for everyone to hear my story. i am sure that some of you are probably disgusted (my hardcore vegan friends) and plan to stop reading right now and go drown your sorrows in a green juice because i turned to the dark side and Lord Voldemort cast his spell on me and i am lost forever.
then, i know that many of you (my paleo-crossfit friends) are jumping for joy and about to call me up to buy me a juicy bison burger with a heaping side of greens, dab of organic ketchup and a piece of chocolatl for dessert! whoever you are, i truly hope that you read on to hear what i have to say before you cast judgment, disdain or excitement.

i did this for my health. plain and simple. months leading up to this astronomical change, i noticed that i was consistently eating specific foods that i could not get enough of; my body just wanted more and more and more, specifically in the form of kale, broccoli, spinach, field greens, hummus (tahini), bananas and raw chocolate (but the chocolate is a given!) all the while, my digestion was horrible and i was having to eat almost every 2-3 hours and never felt satisfied. my whole system was feeling out of whack and i had tried everything. (yes, my dear vegans, i had tried everything.) logically, the only thing left to do was introduce red meat back into my diet.

after my first taste of the bison, my mind and body started doing cartwheels and backflips and wanted to climb trees all day. i had not felt a sustained level on energy like that in a long time. i decided to do some research on the nutritional components of bison and discovered that the main nutrients i was desperately trying to get from the veggies and legumes, where very plentiful in buffalo: iron, calcium, magnesium, niacin, folate, vitamin B12 and the big one, PROTEIN! but what it really came down to is me tapping in and listening to my body.

i have been immersed in the raw-vegan community for almost three years and have been constantly learning about food, nutrition and fitness since high school. i have dealt with anorexia and various eating issues. i have done my research and experiments. i have gone from one side to the other and back. and all i know, is that at this time in my life, the healthiest way of fueling and nourishing my body is from animal and plant sources.

transitioning from a vegan lifestyle to a ‘hunter/gather’ way of eating has not been easy. writing this post and coming out to so many people in my field of work, play and personal life was not easy. i do not discredit the health benefits that begin vegetarian and vegan gave me. i know that i cleansed my body of horrible toxins and chemicals from my childhood of a midwestern diet and fast food but now i am ready to rebuild it the way our ancestors ate thousands of years ago. being vegan taught me a lot about myself and it made me look at the big picture of where our food comes from and how it is produced, manufactured and distributed throughout our country.

this is a topic that i have much to disclose about in future blog posts. i am constantly in a transition and learning more about my body. through these experiments and discoveries, my hope is that i am able to teach others and open up the conversation in all areas of food, diet, health and lifestyle. we are all one with the planet and can only continue to survive if we show compassion, love and acceptance for all beings.

at this time, the majority of my diet consists of vegetables, lean meats, tubers, nuts, seeds, some fruit and i refrain from dairy/cheese and gluten. oh, and did i mention that i eat a lot of raw chocolate?! i guess you could call me, “chocolate paleo puma”! 😉
if you have any questions, comments or opinions, please post them below or feel free to email me.