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last week, i posted this on my facebook page as my status message:

i am so IN LOVE with my life! = the magical space that i carry with me everyday. this feeling is always within us but we must also go through the discomfort, pain and lows in order to fully appreciate the beautifulness of each present moment!! i want to offer space to anyone today to reach out to me if you need some support, love and encouragement in your LIFE. you are and EPIC BE-ing of light, spirit and beauty and deserve to be shown that each day through your own eyes i am in deep gratitude for all that has brought me to this level of consciousness and oneness with my warrior Goddess and Spirit within. ❤ in maitri.


these feelings have been building up ever since i returned from the Buckeye Gathering. (which i still have to share about on a post!) each morning, around 6:30 am, i prepare a cup of half-caf french pressed coffee (i am on the path to eliminate caffeine from my system after my juice fast showed me how much i depend on so little of it.) and i sit on my balcony to write. i am joined by the morning birds, 4 redwood trees, the sweet smell of dawn breaking into the new day and sometimes the neighborhood cats prowling about below. for the past 5 months, i have been writing down 3 things i am grateful for each day along with my daily intention. then, i just allow my mind to wonder and words to flow out of my pen to paper.

the amount of gratefulness that has opened up inside of me is directly related to this simple exercise. when i first started it, sometimes it was hard to find three things to be grateful for. my heart and soul was still in a painful place and not much brought me joy. but, as time went on, more and more came to life and i became grateful for the smallest moments along with the biggest accomplishments. if i have been able to reach this depth of gratefulness, you can too!

these are my thoughts from the other morning when i was thinking about how humans pass judgement on others. (note: the below excerpt is exactly how it appeared when i wrote it the first time. some run on sentences but that is the point of a streaming verse of subconscious thoughts in action! 🙂

stream of my unconscious thoughts.

the beauty and essence of my being is LOVE.
i am Love and i choose to be Love over fear each day.
i am not what society defines me as.
i am not my name. i am not my race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.
i am not my diet, my clothes, my dreadlocks, tattoos and piercings.
i am not my words. my voice. my silence.
i am not my actions, thoughts and ideas.
i am simply a Divine Warrior Goddess of LOVE.
we all are love, no matter where we came from in this lifetime (or others.)
my Spirit transforms into my thoughts and i choose to act on them each day.
the energy from thoughts is what brings fourth all that encompasses every cell in my being.
i used to spend many moments living in fear and now i know that i can choose instead to live my thoughts, actions and words in LOVE. i strive to this higher being each day. it is my overriding intention for my life in this body, this soul, who is known as Heidi ‘chocolate puma’ George.
i am merely a vessel for something deeper than i can even comprehend.
i pray each day that others find this level of freedom within their own heart and soul.
my role is to be of service to others and channel the strength and power of my Divine Warrior Goddess to be the LOVE that we all so deeply desire and deserve to attain from others and most importantly from ourselves.



mid-hike break to enjoy the beautiful view and warm sun! 🙂
deer park, fairfax, ca


try to learn to stay. learn to accept the present moment as if you had invited it. and work with it instead of against it. -Pema Chodron


i have been intently studying the Buddhist teachings of Pema Chodron over the last six months. coming from a Christian background of being told what is “right” and what is “wrong”, Buddhism offers an approach that is filled with unconditional love, compassion and acceptance for all sentient beings. diving into the works of Pema Chodron has opened my heart and mind to cultivating love and kindness to myself and the experiences i face each day.

the quote i chose for this week was one that i meditate on frequently. simply learning to stay in your body. stay with your thoughts. stay with your joys and your fears. stay in the present moment. i challenge you to give it a try this week. you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain from within. namaste.

books i have read and re-read many times (and recommend) by Pema Chodron:
Taking the Leap
Start Where You Are
Comfortable with Uncertainty
Getting Unstuck

spiral inside soul tornado.
-painting by hlg

i could give every excuse possible as to why i haven’t written on my blog in months. so, i will:

– the honeymoon with it ended. the excitement faded and it just felt like i was writing words and not expelling emotions.
– i started a full-time position with Rise Bar as their NorCal Sales Manager. FULL-TIME.
– i am also in school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying to become a Certified Health Coach.
– i am focused on balancing & nourishing my long-distance relation because it means more to me than anything else in my life. (besides myself, of course!)
– i was traveling a lot for pleasure and now i travel a lot for work.
– i was spending too much time thinking and not enough time processing my thoughts through writing.
– i started writing for Breaking Muscle, too.
– i partnered up with Chocolatl to brand my own raw chocolate, “Chocolatl Puma Bites”.
– i began to meditate everyday.
– i would much rather be playing outside with the longer days than sitting at the computer any longer than i already do for work.
– i started spending more time on my spiritual practice.

but, really. there are no excuses.
because we make time for the things that are the most important and, i guess, it just became less important for me. i lost interest and i lost my passion. i have felt the passion for certain areas of my life fading over the past months with the focus on just trying to make a living for myself and to feel secure in the unknown. but, being comfortable with the unknown is what we all should be striving to achieve.

i recently read the book “Comfortable with Uncertainty” 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion by Pema Chodron. yeah. i’ve been dealing with a lot of fear in my life. internally, there is a battle going on and at times it is so fierce that i want to explode. but, i hardly let this side of me show, except with a few close loved ones or behind closed doors. this book presented itself to me at the perfect time. books have a way of doing that. it was in perfect unison with the beginning of my meditation practice. reading her simple words brought much comfort to my soul. we are all good at masking what is going on inside for us. some use food as a tool to look past their feelings, others may exercise themselves to exhaustion, or turn to alcohol, cigarettes or excessive caffeine consumption. i have done all of this at times but i want to move past it and turn my fear into action: LOVE. i would like to share an excerpt from chapter 92, Abiding in the Fearless State:

“…To the extent that we stop struggling against uncertainty and ambiguity, to the extent we dissolve fear. Total fearlessness is full enlightenment – wholehearted, open-minded interaction with our world. Meanwhile we train in patiently moving in that direction. By learning to relax with groundlessness, we gradually connect with the mind that knows no fear.”

feeling free.

so, the real reason i haven’t written in months is that four-letter word. i let fear get in the way and thought what i had to say was not important enough. good enough. that it wouldn’t make an impact on anyone. and, who would want to read my thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs? well. YOU DO. and i want to continue with it. i do have a passion for life and i want to share my knowledge and gifts with others. i have decided that i will dedicate my time and energy to at least three posts a month that will vary between educational, spiritual, life-learning lessons and recipes, reviews and workout ideas. anything could happen and with the growing presence of bloggers, writers and columnist on the internet, who’s to say that i won’t make am impact on the world?

in regards the long-awaited announcement of President Obama backing gay marriage, i want to leave you with one of my favorite songs by Vanessa Carlton, that was written to express that we are all equal and that everyone’s love matters. enjoy!